How This New Trend In Window Treatments Could Affect You

By Laurie LeClair Catherine Hyett | | Categories: Bedding , Blinds , Custom Drapery , Shades , Shutters , Upholstery

How This New Trend In Window Treatments Could Affect You

The biggest trend in window treatments is currently automation and cordless blinds as people are getting increasingly safety conscious. However, several homeowners continue to stick with their present window treatments despite the risks they pose. While we understand that finding the perfect window treatments for your home or establishment is never an easy task, it’s always advisable to select a treatment that is contemporary as well as safe and simple to use.

Safety First

Providing a full range of interior design services, LeClair-Hyett Design also provides custom window treatments and believe that safety is of utmost priority while suggesting blinds. Due to the impetus for safer window treatments, child and pet safety concerns are causing governments to introduce legislation that includes a ban on certain control systems for window blinds and shades. Manual controls with long cords or a continuous loop system are being phased out in favor of motorized, cordless and solid wand systems.

New Regulations for Corded Window Treatments

Since 1981, around 150 children have died as a consequence of being strangled by loose control cords. Due to this, the Government of Canada is in the process of putting a new regulation in place with the intention to help eliminate the risk of strangulation from corded window coverings. The aim of such legislation is to increase safety in both the home and workplace.

Get Expert Advice and the Latest in Window Treatment Design with LeClair-Hyett

As experts in window treatments, we spend additional time with our clients to raise awareness of the dangers associated with the corded control systems and explain the benefits of transitioning to a safer method of operating their shades. While cordless or automated window treatments are safer, presently there are few options available, as a result, there is reduced client choice and not many easily affordable options either. We work hard to find the right option for your needs while maintaining your personal style.

At LeClair-Hyett Design we offer a full range of window treatments using safe controls and aim to keep prices for new systems affordable. If you have any questions about cordless or automated window treatments, please contact us by clicking here. To learn more about the other products we have to offer, please click here